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Introducing the New Puzzledesk Nanus and i2
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Introducing the new Puzzledesk series BX. It defines what a digital workstation should be. It's lightweight, can be stored flat and assembles in minutes without tools. Of course, mobility isn't everything. Looks, higher workspace density, effective cable management, self-locking assembly, a revolutionary non-reflective finish and research-based ergonomics go far beyond the square competition. Click to see the Puzzledesk Nanus and i2

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Why the Puzzledesk series BX
The story behind puzzle desking
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Choose your Puzzledesk. Nanus or i2. Click here to see hardwood combinations
Nanus and i2 raise the digital workstation to a higher standard

The Puzzledesk series BX Nanus and i2 workstations feature a carefully considered ergonomic shape that complements the human body and encourages natural, effective movement. The user is situated at the center, placing everything within easy access for optimal comfort and healthy computing. Each Puzzledesk is made to exacting precision using multiple thin layers of solid premium grade Birch. The outer ply is available in a choice of select hardwoods and treated with a specially developed hard non-reflective coating.

Puzzledesk Series BX Nanus and i2. Sensible and sublime, enduring and whimsical—undeniably practical, in one stylishly simple solution.

Why the Puzzledesk series BX .:. 10 Strategic Advantages:

Ease-of-use. Smart, self-locking system provides for quick and easy assembly without tools. No screws, no hardware.

Ergonomics at work. Its shape looks different all right, but there are well-founded reasons behind every curve. In fact, worthy enough to deserve two U.S. patents.

Truly portable desking. Lightweight workspace that can travel with you, stores flat, and assembles in minutes. The Puzzledesk series BX weighs one-third less than a traditional workstation, yet has a greater strength-to-weight ratio.

120-degree geometry. The Puzzledesk may be placed neatly into any corner, angled 120-degrees up to a wall, or grouped in trios or quads. These configurations create higher workstation densities and optimize precious space, while maintaining each station’s full functionality.

Cable management. Legs and work surfaces incorporate a novel cable management system so cables are hidden out of sight, while remaining easily accessible.

Built to human scale. The design is research-based, considering size, reach, movements, and habits of today’s human body.

A soft environment. No scratches or snags here. Puzzledesk corners are curved like humans, for the safety of humans.

Non-reflective finish. We identified the chemical properties that hinder optimal vision and then formulated a hard non-glare coating that reduces certain bright light reflections.

Comprehensive warranty. We think of our warranty as a ten-year promise. The Puzzledesk is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years.

Worldwide support. Need an optional accessory—or a spare part that got lost? Items are shipped worldwide from various fulfillment centers—fast.

Options, accessories and related products

PuzzleCUBBY. Complete your Puzzledesk with a matching CPU stand. Position your processor where you want it and up off the floor. It’s amazingly strong and holds any standard size CPU tower up to 9-3/4” wide. Available in a choice of select hardwoods to match any Puzzledesk.

PuzzleTRAIL. Provides a decorative solution to amass and preserve all those unsightly cables sprawled along the floor. Available in colors black or gray.

PuzzleSOUND. Helps reduce noisy distractions by masking specific levels of human speech so people can concentrate better—employing a completely new technology. Available Spring 2010 in the U.S only.

PuzzleVOYAGE. Travel with your Puzzledesk. The world’s first travel case for a workstation—provides secure protection regardless your destination. Meets ATA Specification 300 and IATA requirements. Available in black with silver hardware.

Technical specifications (Puzzledesk series BX Nanus and i2)

Dimensions and weight:

Net weight: 48 lbs (22 kg) completely assembled

Gross weight: 54 lbs (24.5 kg) including all packaging

Dimensions: height 32.5” width 57.75” depth 47” (826mm x 1467mm x 1194mm)

Footprint at 45-degrees: 50” x 50” square (1270mm x 1270mm)


The Puzzledesk is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years. To view Puzzledesk series BX warranty information, click here

Ordering information (Puzzledesk series BX)

PUZZLEDESK BX i2 4021.2241

Ordering information (accessories and related products)





PUZZLESOUND is available Spring 2010 for the U.S. only.

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The Story behind Puzzle desking

The challenge

The first challenge was to develop a vision responsive to human needs identified through socio-cultural research. This involved probing significant changes in people, their work habits, and preferred business environments, as well as considering current workplace technologies. Thus, it provided a magnificent opportunity to reexamine today’s work environment and critical workplace issues, in particular how and where people prefer to work, their likes and dislikes, and why.

The specific team members assigned to the project were indeed qualified to undertake the challenge. The members were armed with extensive experience in workplace environments—including office interior architecture, ergonomics, and workspace analysis. Carelli Design has assisted in the development of numerous furniture projects targeting a variety of markets. In addition, the GIAN team benefited from the direct participation of Carelli International’s founder and CEO, Vittorio G. Carelli, pushing the fusion of innovation and artistic ingenuity to the limits, into what would eventually become appropriately codenamed “puzzle.”

The result

The Puzzledesk series BX (models Nanus and i2). Suddenly, nothing feels the same. The Puzzledesk’s one feature—by far the most significant, and perhaps the most obvious—is its footprint based on 120-degree geometry. This groundbreaking approach provides for greater diversity of workstation density, and a more cost-effective use of precious real estate. 120-degree geometry enables the Puzzledesk to be placed effectively into corners or grouped in trios or quads to maximize space, while yielding more usable workspace than its counterparts. The Puzzledesk’s human scale and ease-of-use reflects its fundamental principle: organizational success starts with the human being.

People’s needs are at the center of the Carelli Design creative process from the very start. Products and services are imagined as a total user experience, taking into account interaction and the context of use, rather than functions alone. As a result, new solutions are not only possible, but moreover are relevant for people.

We are always honored by the public’s curiosity in our work, creative vision and philosophy. Our Founder and CEO, Vittorio Carelli has always sought to build bridges between inspirational heritage and the future awaiting invention.

The company

Carelli Design, a unit of Carelli International, provides product and experience design, mechanical and software engineering, brand innovation, advertising, photography, audio and visual communication, film, and internet development, across multiple technologies, platforms and media. Carelli International operates several subsidiaries. EuroSystem Systems & Technology, a technology unit of Carelli International, specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of ultra high-end commercial reverse osmosis purification for the medical, pharmaceutical and food service industry. Vittorio Carelli International S.A.R.L. Paris France, reassigned to U.S. operations in 1993, specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of luxury items. 35 years of applied experience has earned the Carelli name a reputation for excellence in everything it elects to engage. Clients include Coca-Cola, Sony, Motorola, Starbucks, Disney, Porsche, GE, China Unicom, and many other Fortune 500 companies. More about Carelli Design

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Buy the Puzzledesk Nanus or i2 direct online—it’s fast, secure and easy-to-do.

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Awards from the Industrial Designers Society of America, the International Interior Design Association, the American Institute of Architects, and many others have supported our contributions to industrial product design. We continue to be committed to developing products and solutions that meet the demands of our clients while appealing to the emotional desires of consumers. We are equally committed to bigger issues—humanity, equality, and bettering the world we live in.

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Research behind the product
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Puzzleware at Carelli Design
Take a look into the GIAN team design studios responsible for creating the Puzzledesk series BX with this video (3.5MB QuickTime). Requires Quicktime, QuickTime is a free download direct from Apple. Download Apple QuickTime

Why Puzzledesk desking?
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360 degree photography
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Navigate your way through a number of installations viewing Puzzledesk series BX methodology at work. Each file is approximately 250KB and requires Apple QuickTime. QuickTime is a free download direct from Apple. Download Apple QuickTime

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Buy the Puzzledesk series BX direct online
Order the Puzzledesk online

Buy the Puzzledesk Nanus or i2 direct online—it’s fast, secure and easy-to-do.

Need help? Visit Customer Service

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