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EuroSystem Water Purification

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EuroSystem Water Purification.

FilterPac-2 Mini RO for the home.

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EuroSystem Technology

EuroSystem Systems & Technology, a subsidiary of Carelli International, specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of ultra-high-end commercial reverse osmosis purification for the medical, pharmaceutical, and food service industries.

EuroSystem reverse osmosis technology is benefiting companies such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Starbucks, and the Southern California Gas Company.

EuroSystem Technology

Our engineers began early experiments in separation technology in 1986. Today, that technology is referred to as reverse osmosis, or RO, and is employed worldwide. Early EuroSystem products utilizing proprietary technology established new benchmarks with performance specifications far above industry standards. EuroSystem is often referred to as the Macintosh of water purification. The latest EuroSystem Technology "ES TFC2 Release-4" remains unparalleled, typically delivering twice the performance in half the space of its counterparts.

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Bottled Water Mythology

We live in a world of VoIP-based communications, hyper-connected pocket-sized computers, and 3D gaming over wireless phones. But, what about our drinking water?

Facts About Drinking Water

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We provide technical assistance free of charge on products we manufacture. We also have affiliates that provide product technical support in areas outside established regions of distribution.

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EuroSystem RO for the Home

Reverse osmosis purification provides families an alternative to bottled drinking water without making any compromise in taste or quality.

Series ES-TFC2 Performance

Why EuroSystem RO purification is trusted by some of the world's biggest names. Our performance specifications remain far above industry standards; in most cases double that of standard, run-of-the-mill RO.

EuroSystem RO and Food Service

The use of high-purity water by reverse osmosis as opposed to simple filtration, or Cat ion Exchange (softening) methods, is no longer considered avant-garde in the commercial kitchen.

Why Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a membrane separation technology capable of removing a broad range of contaminants: sodium, nitrates, toxic metals, arsenic, lead, mercury, aluminum, pesticides, herbicides, trihalomethanes, bacteria, radioactive substances and much more. RO purification and simple water filtration are not the same. Basic filters are only able to trap and store a few basic impurities at best, whereas RO purification can produce high-purity water low in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) even in adverse environments. Simply no other technology can remove the broad spectrum of contaminants and deliver the overall water purity and taste of an RO system. Today, reverse osmosis separation technology is so effective some major bottled water brands use the method for processing the bottled water they deliver at a premium cost.