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Technical Engineering
Phase 3 .:. Technical engineering

At this stage, a flowchart representing site navigation will be reviewed. Team members will also analyze and streamline the site to minimize the amount of mouse clicks for a typical user to arrive at relevant content. A database structure is created outlining functionality, input fields required, error/success pages, administrative user levels, login, registration, cookies and password issues, where applicable. Programming for functionality with database-driven elements begins, while administration tools, menus and forms that interact with potential visitors will be created.

The goal of this phase will be to create a robust and dynamic internet presence with intuitive system features. The scope of work will include the creation of all the staged components. The finalized component will be used for integration into the interface. However, a series of minor revisions and final iterations will typically take place after the initial build until we have achieved the final functioning site as intended.

Alpha testing will be performed internally. Then, a beta version of the website will be uploaded to the staging area showing web page flow of the proposed primary, secondary and tertiary pages. This involves ‘weaving’ the home page with all templates below it to create a ‘clickable’ version of the website. The staging area is created for the purpose of viewing work in progress, testing, concept designs, etc., and accessible on the Web through a private password protected URL, knowledge of which is limited strictly to the client and project team members.

Phase 4 .:. Implementation

WEBworks at Carelli Design

Website Development
Concept Exploratory Phase
Technical Engineering

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Additional Resources
Interaction Design
We provide a full range of digital design and implementation services, from audio and visual communication to e-commerce and everything in between, across multiple technologies, platforms and media.
Our experience in developing worldwide communication for global brands has earned us applied knowledge in managing the broad complexities associated with wide product varieties and territory-specific branding.
The Process of Innovation
People's needs are at the center of the Carelli Design creative process from the very start. Products and services are imagined as a total user experience, taking into account interaction and the context of use, rather than functions alone. In this way, new solutions are not only possible but also relevant—from the social, anthropological, and personal point of view.
Works Showcase
We often receive inquiries from the public requesting information about specific projects. For this reason, we provide a small assortment of past and present works online for public view.
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