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Carelli creates the sexiest everything.

IDSA SF 2015

Carelli Design. Global Innovation.

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Artists. Visionaries. Brainiacs.

And, humanoids live here.

Carelli Design. Global Innovation.

Poppy. Humanoid 3D printed.

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Rule number one.

We have no rules.

An obsession for excellence, boundary-averse.

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The style. The music. The vision.

Vittorio Carelli. Irrefutably.

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One word. Genius.


Carelli Design. Global Innovation.

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The creation of beautiful things.

Expect all things beautiful.

End-to-end innovation with key global partners.

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We change minds, touch hearts, and move markets.

Uber CX7 Duo Shuttle. Model year 2028.

Imagineering, pixel perfect.

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We code

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Software Engineering

CCIE certified

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Puzzledesk Nanus and i2

Meet your computer's other half. The new Puzzledesk Nanus and i2 workstations offer more than enough features to satisfy the demands of today's digital life. In both assembly and performance, the Nanus and i2 are two innovative powerhouses that embody an amalgam of what we believe in, innovation, imagination, technology, and social responsibility.

More About the Nanus and i2

FilterPac-2 Mini RO

Compact, versatile, powerful, water purification for the home. The new EuroSystem ES series FilterPac-2 Mini RO, while smaller than its predecessor, delivers improved performance without compromising any of the proven principles inherited from the EuroSystem legacy.

More About the FilterPac-2

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