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Coupons, Promotions and Rebates

On occasion, we offer promotional discounts to customers by way of coupons or rebates at the Carelli Design Store. The coupons are simple to use and are usually based on a minimum dollar purchase and maximum discount applied. Coupons are redeemed during the order checkout process—it's easy!

How to Redeem a Coupon?

Coupon Policy

Only one rebate or discount can be applied to a single order. Coupons may not be combined with any other promotional offer, including a free shipping offer. If you attempt to enter two coupon codes, our system will not apply any discount to your purchase. Coupons and Promotions are issued with expiration dates and available while supplies last. Each coupon may have different requirements and discounts. Dollar-off coupons may have minimum purchase amount requirements. Percentage-off and shipping coupons may have maximum total purchase amount limits. All requirements must be met to receive any applied discount.

Please note if the coupon field is unavailable, it indicates there are no such promotions currently available (our coupon promotions are very infrequent and often apply to a specific product).

Coupons cannot be replaced if the code is lost or stolen. Dollar-off or percentage-off coupons are applied to the merchandise subtotal before any shipping charges or taxes have been applied. If you cancel or return items(s), this may change or void coupon discounts applied to your order (or return credit). This happens when a cancellation or return causes the merchandise subtotal (before any shipping charges or taxes have been applied) to fall below the minimum requirement. If you return an item that was purchased with a coupon, you will be refunded only the amount you paid (that is, the price of the item, less the coupon value). Shipping Coupons and Promotions are not valid in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Rebate Policy

Rebate forms are provided online for viewing purposes and to print out for submission. Please follow the instructions carefully as provided on our rebate form, or the rebate form provided by a third-party product manufacturer. We are not responsible for acceptance or decline of your rebate submission. For questions concerning rebates from third-party manufacturers, please contact the third-party manufacturer for rebate information. Terms and conditions vary for each rebate. Refer to the applicable terms and conditions as provided on each specific rebate form.

Additional Resources

Technical Support Worldwide

We provide technical assistance free of charge on all products we manufacture. We also have affiliates that provide product technical support in areas outside established regions of distribution.

Locate Parts and Accessories

Authorized Resellers are able to purchase products direct online. Items are shipped worldwide from various fulfillment centers—fast.

Works Showcase

Just browsing? Check out our Works Showcase. We provide a small assortment of past and present works online for public view.

Authorized Reseller Network

Products are made available through a global network of authorized dealers and online resellers. Actual channels of distribution and fulfillment vary by product.

Partners Worldwide

Carelli International maintains operations, distribution, licensees and joint venture partnerships in more than 40 countries, including Europe, Asia/Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Our corporate headquarters are located in the United States, in Irvine California, with manufacturing facilities located in the United States, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

EuroSystem Technology

EuroSystem Systems & Technology, a subsidiary of Carelli International, specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of ultra high-end commercial reverse osmosis purification for the medical, pharmaceutical and food service industry.