Multi-disciplinary Teams
An Interdisciplinary Approach
An Interdisciplinary Approach

Multi-disciplinary teams

We work in a multi-disciplinary environment in which human sciences, technology and business are an integral part of our Strategic Design Process. We do this in order to adequately provide our clients propositions that reflect what consumers necessitate.

Among the areas of expertise integrated into our research-based methodologies are: psychology, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, technology, human factors, brand strategy and communications.

The results that the specialists in these disciplines provide are in the areas of: Consumer Research & Trends—a global overview of consumers’ needs and desires; Visual Trends Analysis & Culture Scan—a global overview of emerging visual trends in the areas of materials, finishes, colors, etc. In addition, an insight into emerging cultural values with a scope of 1-2 years as well as a global overview of the more deeply rooted socio-cultural dynamics with a scope of 2-5 years.

Visions of the future

Our Multi-disciplinary teams are able to systematically advocate new propositions for existing technology, stimulate humanly acceptable applications for new technology, and develop visions of the future that explore people’s possible needs and aspirations—while at the same time keeping a close eye on the business feasibility of it all.