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Consumers may reject a new idea simply because they don’t yet understand it. Companies themselves often have problems in making new ideas clear to their employees. Society may even question an idea merely because they don’t clearly understand what is actually being proposed, or why.

Our research projects are explorations into the future. They help establish a familiarity between people and technologies. We achieve this by illustrating anticipated future applications through simulations, working prototypes or other means, and by inserting them into tangible life style scenarios, realized through videos, experiential environments or other supporting methods.

Innovation, reality checked

Through the means of research, we explore innovative ideas using discipline and the knowledge we have gathered over the past 35 years. We have earned a deep understanding about people’s reactions to new technologies.

Our research projects are based on the simple idea that the future is what we make it, and that technology is not an objective in itself, but a means to create a better quality of life for everyone.

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Extraordinary alliances

Carelli Design has formed a prestigious network of relationships with world-class companies over the past 35 years. This extraordinary network enables us to create valuable partnerships that link powerful brands with leading manufacturers and multi-channel retailers.

The Process of Innovation

The Process of Innovation
Our Objective
Our Approach
Strategic Design Process
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Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions
Product Design
Interaction Design
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Additional Resources
Product Design
We deliver solutions that appeal to the emotional desires of consumers. Our industrial design and engineering teams are able to develop products that create an immediate visual tension, making consumers look—and keep looking.
Interaction Design
We provide a full range of digital design and implementation services, from audio and visual communication to e-commerce and everything in between, across multiple technologies, platforms and media.
Our experience in developing worldwide communication for global brands has earned us applied knowledge in managing the broad complexities associated with wide product varieties and territory-specific branding.
We involve engineering into the earliest stages of the creative process to ensure feasibility and a smooth transition from design to development, and from development to production.
Model & Prototyping
Model-making, often an integral part of the creative design process, provides means for evaluation, concept integrity, considerations visual and functional, as well as ergonomic merits of a design proposal.
We have an extensive pool of resources and a keen ability to seek out and qualify new vendors in order to provide our clients with the best possible manufacturing solution.
3D CAD Modeling
Our 3D Modeling Engineers bring characters to life, seamlessly blending live-action with CG animation, modeling, and dynamic compositing, frame by frame. These engineers, we call imagineers, build entire 3D virtual worlds, reinventing reality from the ground up.
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