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Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering
Ideas Become Reality
Ideas Become Reality

Mechanical Engineering

While innovative ideas may come from a designer's mechanical know-how, the majority of the products we design require special mechanical engineering knowledge.

As with our other creative disciplines, innovation plays a vital role in Carelli Design's engineering success. We draw on old standards while applying innovative contemporary technologies in the most efficient ways. We involve engineering in the earliest stages of the product development process, to ensure feasibility and a smooth transition from design to engineering, and from engineering to production. This internal cross-functional involvement allows us to reduce the overall time it takes to develop and engineer an idea.

Our engineering talent, technology, and tools allow us to accurately capture the design intent while carefully generating the necessary engineering data for production, quickly and cost-effectively. Our verification and validation processes provide the necessary confirmation based on sound-certified engineering principles.


Part design/engineering for manufacturing

Solid and surface modeling

Production specifications

Mechanism development

Finite element analysis

Kinematics analysis

Tolerance analysis

Thermal analysis

Air flow evaluation

Materials and process investigation