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Interaction Design


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The First Contact People Have with Technology
The First Contact People Have with Technology

Interaction Design

Design is a means to shape the relationships between people and the increasingly "smart" objects that surround us in our everyday lives, be it the web or a product interface.

In most cases, the interface is the first contact that people have with technology. The degree to which people see technology as being "human-focused" depends on the quality of the interface. We create user experiences for most technologies and platforms. Interaction design encompasses a huge range: consumer and enterprise desktop applications, websites, web apps, cloud-based applications, mobile interfaces and applications on multiple platforms, social networking, and interfaces embedded into physical products such as appliances or consumer electronics.

If it Involves Software Running on a Screen, We've Done it

We offer a full range of experience design and implementation services, including all aspects of web development, advanced graphic user interface, interface analysis, information architecture, navigation, custom browser design and implementation, animation, audio and visual multimedia, content production, secure socket credit-card gateways for e-commerce, and everything in between, across multiple technologies, platforms, and media.

Interactive Media and Mobile Devices

Our Webworks team can provide a full range of digital design and implementation services, from audio and visual communication to e-commerce, on any platform. Our visual designers identify ways in which technologies open opportunities for new functionality and better user experiences, particularly in applications that involve mobile devices.

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